Addressing Your Blindspots can Get You Promoted

Recently, I was chatting with a friend in the office, when I saw this email come through.  I was blown away...


To give you some context, this is an email from an executive coaching client whose company hired me to work with her for 6 sessions. 

As you can see from the message, after only 6 sessions, she was invited / promoted to the executive team by the CEO (I crossed out his name)!

The reason I was so awestruck by this email, is because this client, an ambitious and hardworking millennial, was all-consumed with getting onto the executive team at her consulting firm. In fact, so much so that it was turning off her peers and leaders.

In our time together we explored why this was important, what it meant to her, and we discussed her definition of success. 

Communication skills, managing perceptions, exuding professional maturity, and maintaining composure were also topics that we addressed.  In short, we focused on her executive presence.

In the end, a new sense of self-awareness was awakened! I also provided her with very tactical and practical tools to manage this new consciousness. 

You see, it's often the case that someone is qualified for a job or a promotion, but they are sometimes passed over because of some other intangible factors. These are known as our "blind shots". 

A blind spot is when you don't know that you don't know something. 

By helping her to see her blindspots in a supportive, nonjudgemental, and constructive way she was able to address them.

I'm so thrilled and humbled that I was able to help her achieve her goal!

Perhaps there is something that you need support with? Are you trying to get a promotion? Are you looking for a new job? What in your life or career could you accomplish in just 6 coaching sessions?

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