3 Spring / Summer Suits Every Guy Should Own

With spring here and summer not too far behind, many of us have our minds on shorts, the beach and basking in the sun. What tends to go without much forethought however, is our office attire or more formal events . All of a sudden, you have a wedding or conference to attend and you find yourself wearing a suit better made for January.


Well, it’s finally time to pack away those heavy wool ensembles and bring out more lightweight and breathable fabrics! Stay cool and stylish in the hot months with our tops 3 suits every man should own in the summer.

Khaki Suit

A classic for weddings, the khaki suit is a staple in the summer season. With wonderful material that doesn’t wrinkle easily and some simple accessories, this suit will have you looking and feeling on point. The light color is perfect for day time events but should be avoided later in the evening as it could appear informal. To make your personal style shine, pair it with a fun button-down shirt and a solid tie!

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Seersucker Suit

A  favorite in southern style, Seersucker suits are known for their signature material which features a striped and crinkled surface along with strategic puckering. What makes this such a great option is that it doesn’t come across as too dated or preppy and works very well for a business casual dress code!

If a whole suit is too much of a jump right now, try out a simple accessory instead.

Linen Suit

Thinking about linen suits often brings to mind white sandy beaches and a relaxed atmosphere. Why not bring that feeling to a special event this summer? Add a twist by going with a darker color to really stand out. With a visible weave and a wonderful natural texture, a linen suit can help you exude an effortless charm! It is important to note that this material does wrinkle quite easily so there won’t be too much sitting. For office wear you may want to try a linen blend to help avoid so much ironing.

To get the perfect look this summer doesn’t have to be stressful. It is only a matter of choosing the right fabric and making sure you feel confident. With these new tips you can go to any event this summer looking and feeling your absolute best!

 Which Suit Will You Try This Summer?

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