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5 Simple Tips To Care For Your Shoes And Keep Them Looking Amazing

men style wardrobe May 08, 2020

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When maintaining a wardrobe, we go straight to a tailor or dry cleaners. Small tear? Have it stitched and hidden. Accidental stain? No problem! We have faith that it will come out. However, this attitude does not seem to extend to our shoes. We find one small issue and all of a sudden they become unredeemable. Just like that, a...

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3 Spring / Summer Suits Every Guy Should Own

image men style Apr 24, 2020

With spring here and summer not too far behind, many of us have our minds on shorts, the beach and basking in the sun. What tends to go without much forethought however, is our office attire or more formal events . All of a sudden, you have a wedding or conference to attend and you find yourself wearing a suit better made for January.


Well, it’s finally time to pack away those heavy wool ensembles and bring out more lightweight and breathable fabrics! Stay cool and stylish in the...

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3 Quick and Easy Ways to Update Your Professional Appearance

As we get busy in our day to day lives, we tend to forget our number one priority: ourselves. Living in this way can lead to feeling worn down and unmotivated pretty fast. 

To avoid this fatigue, or perhaps to help you bounce back, we’ve come up with 3 ways that you can (almost instantly) upgrade your professional appearance. Try one or even all three of these suggestions to get that spring in your step back!

A New Pair Of Glasses

Whether they’re sunglasses, prescription or...

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2019 Spring Catalog - Men and Women Versions

men style wardrobe women Apr 20, 2019

One look outside your window or when you step out of your building, it is definitely clear that Spring is in the air! The sun’s a little brighter , the buds in the trees are out and even some flowers are already in bloom.

You will also start to notice that people outside are dressing differently.

Jackets are a little less thick, shoes are lighter and more skin is showing.

As nature goes through its cycle, our lives change with it as well. And with this change in the weather, our...

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