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3 Steps to Becoming an Influential Resource on LinkedIn

Although everyone talks about the speed, reach and impact of social media marketing, relatively few people translate that talk into an effective communications strategy – a strategy to help them build their brands, fast-track their careers, reach new customers, recruit talented employees or become influencers in their industries.

A prime example of an under-utilized social media resource is LinkedIn, the 467-million-member network that allows employees, employers and entrepreneurs to...

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3 Tips to Maintain a Relevant Personal Brand

Today's business landscape is changing more rapidly than it ever has since the beginning of the industrial revolution. What's driving the speed at which the landscape is transforming is the convergence of science-led innovations and technological advancements that are creating the potential for our work lives to change in ways that were previously unfathomable.

Not only are these developments impacting fundamental human behavior and interactions, but this new environment is also affecting the...

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What We can Learn from Payless About Personal Brand

personal brand Feb 22, 2019

I was recently thinking about the Payless social experiment that happened late last year. Do you know the one I’m talking about? If not, click here to read about it.

So, it dawned on me that there are a few valuable lessons that we can learn from that experiment.

What I took away is that when it comes to brand, image is everything. But, of course I already knew this.

Payless proved that with the right imagery and packaging, they could sell their $50 shoes...

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