The Reason Image Makeovers Don’t Work

professional image Jan 12, 2019

One of the biggest dangers of the makeover is that the consultant or stylist will superimpose an inappropriate image on the victim — I mean client. In many cases, the client will discard the new image (or certain components of it). In other cases, the client will continue to pound her/his “round self ” into the “square hole,” generating an image that strikes most observers as artificial or phony. Unless the consultant takes the time to properly and thoroughly assess the person’s current image, and develop a new image that reflects the person’s authentic self, most clients will abandon the made-over image.

Image makeovers are like liposuction. If ten people receive liposuction, five of them will gain back the weight within a year. The problem is the same in makeovers because the concept is the same — changing someone at the surface doesn’t change the underlying habits, motivations and personality traits that produced the problems. You can change someone’s surface image overnight, but you cannot change the person’s lifestyle, personality, eating habits, values and beliefs overnight.

What do you think? Do you think makeovers work? Let me know your thoughts.

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