3 Easy Ways To Get Your Brand Out Of A Rut

Uncategorized Jan 17, 2020

As the world changes at a faster and faster rate, some of us may feel a bit disheartened by what seems to be ever changing professional scenery. Fear not! A great way to pull yourself together is to get back to the basics. Building up a strong foundation will ensure not only a boost now but a platform that will help you flourish going forward!

Here are three major ways your brand can take practical steps to get you headed in the right direction! 

  • Stay Fresh. These days, it’s not enough to rely on branding you've had for the past 10 to 20 years, it’s become especially important to ensure your brand is agile and current. You may have been the best COBOL developer or word processor back in the day, but these skills don’t go far today. (NEXT PARAGRAPH) Making sure you’re retooling your skills and expanding your capabilities to the current environment will guarantee you stay in high demand! This goes for professionals in all industries. Do your research, stay on top of current trends and don't rest on dated laurels. To get an idea of what recruiters are looking for, try to read at least five articles a day on LinkedIn.com!
  • Be clear and focused. One of the most common challenges I’ve noticed is the difficulty most professionals face in articulating a clear and focused brand image. Not only is it valuable to communicate your brand strengths through both verbal and written means, (particularly on interviews and when networking) it's also crucial to demonstrate brand cohesion and clarity through your activities, associations, and organizations.  A quick and easy way to check if your brand has a cohesive presentation is through your LinkedIn profile. Does your current profile tell a story? Is it evident what you're known for? Are your primary skills highlighted? How can you contribute to a team or lead an initiative? If everything is lined up, great! If not, update it with certifications, organizations, and awards relevant to your specialty. Remove or “hide" anything that's unrelated to the brand you wish to communicate. You can even try to write and publish a few of your own articles (while making sure to share relevant content from other authors!) Ask your friends to review your profile, gather input. Then do a refresh of your picture and your byline. To see where you stand, compare your profile to others in your industry!
  • Expand your network. It's been said that your net worth is equal to your network. When we look at those who’ve succeeded before us, we realize that perhaps, this phrase may not be too far off the mark. Engaging in opportunities that expand your network beyond your current orbit is key to helping you strengthen your brand! A great way to put yourself out there is to join organizations, attend local meet-ups or even register for conferences that relate to new topics in your industry. Know where the future is going and stay up to date with those leading the way! 

 While we all know the new and unknown can be scary, falling behind can be even worse. It’s worth it to evaluate your brand, bring forth the adjustments and embrace both exciting challenges and new opportunities. (Remember to embrace change because it’s the only constant!) It may feel like organizations are slowing their hiring practices, but at the end of the day, highly skilled, well put together and well connected people will always be in high demand.

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