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Oh February! The month many of us have already given up our once prized resolutions. All the brainstorming and announcing of new habits to come certainly feels fantastic initially! But, what is it about the thought of a year long goal that just does not hold our attention or motivation? Is it because it’s so far off and we feel we have plenty of time? Do we simply forget and get too caught up in our day to day? I don’t know, but what I do know, is that if you’re going to spend all this energy planning and getting excited, you may want to try something a little different and a lot more attainable!

This year, take a new approach and try quarterly goals instead! No longer is there a need to decide how a WHOLE YEAR should play out. The three month goal concept allows for a much more focused approach in a way more realistic timeline! 

Here are some great reasons to give this new strategy a go!

Easier To Plan Ahead

Ever try to make plans more than four to five months in advance? Not easy, right? No one  knows where they may be or what situation life has in store. However, two to three months from now? Chances are you have a pretty good idea of where you’ll be. This makes planning so much easier! And when you can plan, you can execute!

Track Progress Much Better

Checking back in with yourself every three months definitely has some  benefits in terms of progress. For one, you’ll start to notice what’s working and what’s not. It easy to make quick adjustments and get feedback to act upon sooner rather than later. This allows for  faster improvement. Long term goals are great but it can be a little harder to analyze how your performance measures up to previous experiences when there is so much time in between!

You Get A Confidence Boost Every Few Months

Who doesn’t love feeling like they’ve achieved something? By keeping your timelines shorter, you get a consistent stream of wins throughout the year! Having these accomplishments sort of ‘scheduled’ in not only gives you that confidence from making your goals a reality, but it also gives you new and exciting things to look forward to along the way!

Setting goals and achieving them, is by nature, a difficult task that seems only a rare few can accomplish. However, with a little outside of the box thinking and dedication, you too can have an achievement filled year that you’ll be proud to look back on!

What Is A Goal You Want To Accomplish This Quarter?


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