4 Actionable Ways To Advance Your Career


Love what you’re doing but feel like you’re in a bit of a career rut? Follow these four steps to help get you back on your way to progress!

1) Establish A Goal

First things first! While this may seem like an obvious first step, it’s an important one. Sadly, it seems that the general attitude with goals is to set them and forget them. Taking time to genuinely think about where you’d like to be is something not done often enough. Even if you have a goal, make sure you keep revisiting it! This not only keeps you motivated, but it also ensures that you’re always thinking about  the direction you want to move in. 

2) Create A Plan

It’s been said that a dream without a plan won’t go anywhere fast. This is true no matter what avenue of life you endeavor to explore. It’s important to make sure that you not only have the proper steps in place to achieve your goals, but also great metrics with which to measure your progress by! Having these metrics will allow you to see both your strengths and shortcomings. By looking at these, you know where to invest more of your time to get your vision to become a reality! 


3) Continue Your Education

No, this doesn’t necessarily mean going back to school (it totally could though!) These days, with technological advances in communication and the internet expanding faster than ever, we have more and more information right at our fingertips! Did I mention a lot of it is free!? Updating your knowledge or skill set can be as easy as opening youtube or finding a cool course on skill share! Want something live? Sign up for a webinar or one of many certification courses that can help provide a resume boost! The options are endless. All you have to do is find one that best suits your learning style!

4) Networking 

Having a sphere to reach out to is valuable not only in our personal lives but also for our businesses! Feeling like your circle is a little stale or restricted to one particular department? Make it a point to find events or areas where you might find the kind of person you’d like to network with. You have to be where they're at and put yourself out there! After all, it’s much easier to meet fresh personalities in a different environment as opposed to waiting for someone to simply fall into yours.

Bringing yourself out of a slump or slow pace can always feel a bit difficult at the beginning. Especially when it’s career related and you don’t know what to do! However, with the right motivation and these easy steps, the process should no longer feel quite so daunting. So go ahead, take those next steps and start elevating your career! 

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